“[EAPC Principal], Alan Dostert, is and has been, a pleasure to work with when designing, building, or even remodeling a fire station with us. I find him to be extremely knowledgeable about trends in the fire service and what works. I believe it to be because he has found a passion for fire station planning. On top of that, he has a great sense of humor which I find to be important in relationship building.”

—Peter O’Neill, Grand Forks Fire Chief

Minot Fire Station III
Minot, ND
Mandaree Emergency Medical Services & Fire Dept
Mandaree, ND
Carnegie Center Structural Repairs
Minot, ND
Bismarck Fire Station 4
Bismarck, ND
Kindred Fire Station Addition & Renovation
Kindred, ND
55th Crossing Fire Station
Minot, ND
Williston Fire Station II and Training Tower
Williston, ND
Grand Forks Fire Station 5
Grand Forks, ND
City of Tioga Police Department
Tioga, ND
Jamestown Rural Fire Station Addition & Renovation
Jamestown, ND
Tioga Community Center
Tioga, ND
Williston Rural Fire W. E. Shemorry Station
Williston, ND
Webster Fire Station Renovation & Addition
Webster, SD
United Rural Ambulance District Station
Berthold, ND
Parshall Rural Fire Station
Parshall, ND
Senior Center
Grand Forks, ND
Ward County Highway Department
Minot, ND
Stanley Fire Station
Stanley, ND
Bismarck Lockport Fire Station
Bismarck, ND
Jamestown Airport Terminal
Jamestown, ND
International Peace Garden
Dunseith, ND
Fargo Public Safety
Fargo, ND
EGF Water & Light DSC
East Grand Forks, ND