“Whatever good things we build
end up building us.”

At EAPC, our Architectural team has the passion to create inspiring spaces that stimulate the senses and enrich the user experience with knowledge and experience to create usable, efficient structures.

We believe that function and form should coexist.

A structure should serve a specific purpose while providing the intangible benefits inherent in quality design. We blend our clients’ ideas with our experience and expertise to develop a concept that meets or exceeds project requirements. Once the concept is refined, we add elements as necessary, pursue the pure design, and balance form and function. Our award-winning team will work with you to expand your capabilities beyond the ordinary.


We create usable, efficient structures that serve a specific purpose.

Interior Design

We create intelligent, expressive, and functional spaces.


We use renewable and sustainable materials and techniques whenever possible.

Construction Management

We provide continuity throughout all phases of design and construction.

Site Entitlements

We process land development cases for rezoning properties, obtaining special permits, and conditional uses for a specific land use.

“Working closely with our clients is essential to strike the perfect combination of form and function.”

—Alan Dostert AIA, Principal Architect, President, CEO

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