EAPC worked with the Tioga Historical Society Board and the City of Tioga to design the new Norseman Museum

This project came together after parts of the existing City Hall were demolished, 1,730 SF of of City Hall were remodeled, and 8,900 SF were added on.

The new building includes exhibit space, an office, a meeting room, a laboratory, and all associated support spaces.

Construction was completed concurrently with the construction activities of the adjacent new City of Tioga Police Station while City Hall remained functional at all times on a very tight and central city lot.

The biggest challenge for this project was fitting a building between two very different building typologies while making the city block look homogeneous. City Hall is a prefinished engineered building while the Police Station is a precast building. The design of the museum accomplishes a seamless transition between these two different buildings which stands out with its own identity by using a brick facade and an entry canopy while incorporating elements from both adjacent buildings through color and accent materials.