Souris Basin Transportation, a non-profit transit system in operation since 1979, provides public transportation for all people in and around Minot, ND as well as in the counties of Burke, Bottineau, McHenry, Mountrail, Pierce, Renville, and Ward. Daily operations are managed from Minot as Souris Basin has an office and available training for the dispatchers. Local services are also offered to the cities of Bottineau, Minot, and Rugby.

In 2011, the NDDOT provided a grant to upgrade the Souris Basin facility. EAPC worked with Souris Basin Transportation to design a new 8,800 SF storage and office facility within an insulated pre-engineered metal structure. This became the main facility, but the old building was retained for additional garage space and training capabilities.

In 2017, as part of the flood remediation efforts in Minot, Souris Basin Transportation was notified that their old building was going to be demolished. EAPC again had the privilege of designing an addition to the previous building to include a new vehicle bay on the east side and a 9,720 SF addition to the south bay. An addition of 2,230 SF was designed to hold a training/conference room and more office space.

With the new addition, features were added to the existing building such as a brick wainscot and new windows along with a retaining wall, beautiful landscaping with grass, rock beds and trees, and much needed increased employee parking.