Lori Bakken

Marketing Director

Lori has provided marketing expertise to a variety of industries including food service, tools and hardware, and architecture and engineering. Lori has worked both in the local retail arena as well as promoting goods and services on a national scale.

As the marketing manager for the Tools & Hardware division of Amazon.com, Lori’s responsibility was to oversee the annual production of millions of retail catalogs to consumers and oversee the website development and innovation of the T&H division.

At her current position at EAPC Architects Engineers, Lori provides the planning and leadership to ensure that the appropriate structures, systems, competencies and values are developed in order to meet and exceed the goals of the Marketing plan. Lori assumes overall responsibility for developing and executing the annual marketing plan, strategic market planning, and presentation of the marketing budget.

Welcome Kristen Limb, New Director of Business Excellence

EAPC Business Excellence has a new Director. Kristen Limb joins our Fargo office with over 12 years of experience in coaching various organizations and industries on how to leverage LEAN and Six Sigma systems to identify the value of their processes, reduce or eliminate waste, and improve the flow of their operations.