EAPC welcomes BIM Modeler Isaac Koenig to our Phoenix office

Isaac graduated from Glendale Community College in December with an associate degree in Architectural Drafting.

Isaac’s first semester was during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic and took classes mostly online. His favorite part about being back in person was a class in his final semester that involved a lot of hands-on projects and working independently.

“My advisor told me about the differences between architectural drafting and architecture, and everything clicked. It really aligned with what I was wanting.”

Isaac first heard about EAPC at a career fair and says the culture was something that really drew him to the firm. In his first year in the industry, Isaac says he’s focused on taking it slow and steady to build a solid foundation of the basics.

“I’m used to being the new person around guys who have years of experience, so I try not to take criticism personally.”

Isaac’s love for building and drafting started as a kid with a hobby he still takes part in today: Legos. His favorite sets to build are from Star Wars and he says he wants to start building bigger architecture sets in the future.

He’s big fan of spending his nights doing hobbies like playing video games and Dungeons and Dragons, as well as going to events like Comic Con with his friends.

Welcome to EAPC, Isaac!