EAPC is excited to welcome Shelli Masek to our Sioux Falls office as an Administrative Assistant.

Shelli earned her B.A. in Journalism and Political Science from South Dakota State University. After graduation, she worked in radio and television in Sioux Falls for nearly a decade.

Shelli left the traditional media industry in 2000 to start her family. She lives with her husband Brian and their two children. Quinn is a student at the University of South Dakota, and Grant is a Junior in high school. They also have two dogs, a 150-pound Great Dane named Ripley, and a Chihuahua named Tex.

Since leaving the radio and TV world, Shelli has dedicated more than 20 years working in sales and marketing in South Dakota. She’s worked in multiple high-level marketing and sales positions in Sioux Falls, including the Division Director at March of Dimes, Sales Manager at the Sioux Falls Canaries, and Regional Marketing Specialist at Ulteig Engineers Inc. Shelli has also managed a prison shop, where inmates built wheelchairs and their parts. Shelli says the role was a good fit for her because she grew up learning mechanical skills on her family’s farm.


She spent the last 16 years working part time as a substitute teacher in the Sioux Falls School District. She says her favorite part about being a teacher was seeing the moment information started to click for students. She’s also worked at LifeScape in Sioux Falls, which is a rehabilitation center for children and some adults offering occupational, speech, and physical therapy. After spending time in schools and non-profits, Shelli says she’s excited to be back in the corporate world.

“EAPC has been the most welcoming environment I have ever experienced. My tasks are varied, and it’s exciting to be learning so many new things.”

Shelli says she hopes to take on this role at EAPC and make it her own. She plans to do that by streamlining some procedures, making things even more organized, and taking some responsibilities off the plates of her co-workers.

As for her spare time, Shelli’s favorite thing to do is plan vacations, both for herself and other people. “I like directing people to fun and interesting places I have been and helping them plan a good use of their time.  I love researching new places with them.”

Welcome to EAPC, Shelli!