Proper combustion is essential for the efficient operation of the plant and reduced emissions.

Unit Assessment


Combustion Fundamentals

Boiler Operability Improvement


  • Fuel Test Burns
  • Fuel Switching
  • Fuel Selection and Screening
  • Coal, Gas & Oil Firing
  • Petroleum Coke Firing
  • RDF, Mass Burn Firing
  • Alternate Fuels Firing

Total Boiler Improvement Services


Specialty Design

  • Development
  • Problem Resolution
  • Pulverizer Modifications
  • Burner Modifications
  • Cyclone Modifications
NOx Reduction

We have the knowledge, experience, contacts, relationships, and insights necessary for a successful NOx Reduction Program.


LOI reduction on various boiler systems including unusual designs.


A coordinated approach of applying experience and first principles to properly balance and set up coal mills.


Our burner optimization program re-evaluates all affecting parameters.

Combustion Improvement

This program starts at the basics beginning with a coal mill first principals program and ending with the complete boiler.

Furnace Inspections

The external surface of each element is inspected for distortion, excessive corrosion, and erosion.