To us, combustion improvement always starts at the basics.

A complete Combustion Improvement Program would begin with a Coal Mill First Principles Program, move from there to Burners, and then to the complete boiler.

Modular Approach

Mills First Principles Program

Burner Optimization Program

Boiler Balance Program

Boiler Balance Program

By the time the Boiler Balance Program begins the foundation for good, complete and balanced combustion has been laid via the Mill First Principles Program and the Burner Optimization Program. These two programs focus on getting balanced fuel and air delivery to the burners, with good fineness, and then completely burning the fuel at the burner via correct primary and secondary air velocities. Overlooking these two steps usually compromises the Boiler Balance Program results.

From this foundation the Boiler Balance Program moves into a series of ASME 4.0 or 4.1 efficiency tests accompanied by a detailed economizer exit gas sample test grid. Testing will gather data for developing contour plots for NOX, CO, O2 and temperature, and input data necessary for the ASME calculations. Burners and burner air registers are then adjusted to flatten out the contours, reduce NOX peak points, and minimize CO. Overfire air and windbox pressure are included in the tuning when available. This is a reiterative effort, to be performed until results are satisfactory or no more performance improvement is indicated. We are available to develop a plan specifically for your boiler.