50 years in the making. A half-century of
providing design to those who are seeking excellent form as well as function.

We are EAPC and we are excited to celebrate our semi-centennial!

What began in 1967 as a small engineering consulting firm later expanded its services throughout the years to include architecture, industrial services and wind energy. From a handful of hardworking designers 50 years ago to 135 enthusiastic and innovative professionals today, EAPC has made its mark and seeks to continue to earn its stripes in the industry. How have we been so successful for 50 years? Well, I consider myself old school in many ways so my answer is good ‘ole fashion hard work, creative thinking, taking risks, and simply hiring the best people to provide the highest level of service to our clients. Let’s face it, the service industry can be tough, but it should be. Don’t we all want to work with the best who sincerely care about the process and the vision of the client?

Please join us in raising a glass and saying cheers to 50 years! We wholeheartedly thank our clients and communities for trusting in our services. And we thank all EAPCers for their commitment in providing excellent service each and every day.

EAPC’s Marketing Team shows their excitement over this major milestone