Kristen McReynolds

Director | Business Excellence

Kristen has over 12 years of experience in coaching various organizations and industries on how to leverage LEAN and Six Sigma systems to identify the value of their processes, reduce or eliminate waste, and improve the flow of their operations. She has helped many organizations establish LEAN management systems and has coached all levels of leadership on these concepts.

Kristen recently led the Strategy, EPS and Process Excellence Department at Essentia Health as Director of their West Market. Kristen developed and completed numerous process improvement projects, designed and directed development of Essentia Health’s internal LEAN Six Sigma education program, managed and maintained their portfolio of improvement work, facilitated strategy development and deployment, taught and supported change management and culture building initiatives, and coached all leadership levels in improving performance.

Kristen believes that energy and motivation are needed to tackle any kind of change, even when the change will be beneficial.

“The best way to engage and motivate others on their LEAN journey is to make a few small, quick improvements using only the most basic of LEAN skills. The excitement created by these small wins quickly spreads by word of mouth and can sway even the staunchest skeptics. Lasting change happens a little at a time and with consistent reinforcement. This is why LEAN is often referred to as a journey.”