EAPC’s healthcare design experts are embracing innovative solutions now and for future implementation. With potential adjustments to code regulations for the interim future, it is important to be ready for more change. EAPC is here to help.


We know that our friends in the healthcare world are working hard to put in place systems and new processes that will help control the spread of COVID-19 and other infectious diseases.

EAPC is here to help immediately with the following design considerations so you can continue to serve patients more efficiently and safely:

  • Provide a respiratory virus evaluation center to passively screen patients
  • Design alternative patient/staff entry and circulation patterns
  • Leverage disused or underutilized rooms/acute care units/facilities for isolation
  • Install HVAC zone control for exam rooms, resident and patient rooms
  • Install temporary mobile physical barriers to limit contact between triage personnel and potentially infectious patients
  • Design triage stations outside of entries or in vestibules
  • Install mobile wayfinding platforms to give patients and visitors immediate access to physician directories, electronic medical records, and the ability to view hospital amenities, and most importantly a route to their destination so as to not cross traffic with other patients https://www.goziohealth.com/
  • Use alternative material surfaces that incorporate antimicrobial features such as privacy curtains, plastic laminate and upholsteries



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