Clay County HRA Fieldcrest Townhomes Rehabilitation

The Housing & Redevelopment Authority of Clay County is rehabilitating Fieldcrest Townhomes in Moorhead

Fieldcrest Townhomes is a 40-unit townhouse style development, with 20 three-bedroom units and 20 two-bedroom units. There are many rehabilitation needs that EAPC’s A/E team will provide from their Capital Needs Assessment including:

  • Sewer Evaluation for Repair/Replacement
  • Attic ventilation, window and exterior door replacement, siding replacement, soffit/facial gutters/downspout replacement, interior flooring replacement, interior door replacement, addition of washers and dryers in all units, interior updates to kitchen and bathrooms (cabinets, countertops, sinks, addition of dishwashers, etc), and garage door replacement
  • The site will also be evaluated for the possibility of adding up to 22 garages on the property site and expanding/converting the existing common laundry area to be large enough to hold a community room and a few small offices
  • Parking lot and sidewalk replacement where needed, landscape improvements, and mailbox replacement