EAPC welcomes Parker Lawley (SDSU ’15) to our Fargo office as a Mechanical Engineer, EIT

Since graduation, Parker worked as a Product Development Engineer for Daktronics where he developed new and improved modular project platforms for video displays. He also studied root cause analysis of design failures and created test plans and drawings. As Parker settles in to his new EAPC role and AE environment, he said he’s looking forward to seeing how a building develops from conception through design and finally observing the finished product on site.

“I imagine it must be a very gratifying feeling walking into a building you had a hand in developing.”

Parker said he enjoys the collaboration and teamwork between different individuals or groups that’s often required to be successful on a project.

“Working through a challenging design or situation is something that can be tough in the moment, but I’ve found is often the most fulfilling once resolved, especially when the team you’ve been working with has collaborated effectively and made a customer happy.”

While at Daktronics, one particularly challenging project he worked on was the development of a transportation messaging and signage solution for the European market, which Daktronics had not yet broken into yet. Because of the stringent durability and performance standards in place in Europe for signs over the roadway, he said the team working on the project spent many hours brainstorming and determining different ways to provide a valuable, innovative product to this market that was also compliant to the European standards. After the team was able to select a concept, Parker said it took some creative design work and substantial collaboration between the different engineering groups to bring the product to market successfully.

“As a result of the team’s collaboration and creativity, a few of the design concepts we used ended up patented.”

Parker’s primary focus at EAPC will be understanding mechanical engineering design with goals of attaining his licensure and staying with EAPC for many years.

“It has always been my vision to find a company I love working for and to stick with them!”

Parker and his wife Emily have a 6-month-old teddy bear puppy (Bichon Frise/Shih Tzu) named Jovie. His hobbies include tennis, softball, golf, fantasy football, and enjoying the outdoors (summer months preferred), along with spending time with friends and family.