Even if your building is less than ten years old, it may not be operating as efficiently as it was when you first opened your doors.

ReCommissioning is a methodical process of testing an existing facility’s systems and equipment to make sure they are still functioning according to the original design intent or to make adjustments to correct any deviation from the original design. This process also checks for any inefficiencies that could be improved. ReCommissioning is often necessary to perform within 5-7 years of construction completion. Even buildings that were thoroughly commissioned at the time of the original design can develop issues over time. The mechanical, electrical, and controls systems in any commercial building often experience changes in operation and occupancy which comprise performance. Even seemingly small issues can have a ripple effect, largely affecting the overall operations of your facility. No matter where the issues lie, through a complete review of your building, our Commissioning team can uncover the problems and offer recommendations for correction.


Issues That May Indicate it’s Time to ReCommission
  • Feeling cold drafts
  • Seeing frost on the walls
  • Equipment operating more than needed
  • Equipment has dampers propped open or held shut
  • Complaints from occupants regarding areas of the building are too hot and others are too cold
  • Building occupants seem overly tired and sluggish or unproductive in the middle of the day
  • Air in the building is smelly and stale
  • Lights in some areas seem too bright or too dim causing eye strain or headaches for some
  • Unusually high utility costs

Benefits of ReCommissioning
  • Increased energy efficiency
  • Lower operating costs
  • Healthier and more comfortable environment for occupants
  • Increased productivity and happiness for occupants
ReCommissioning Services

Commercial Energy Audits
Define energy saving opportunities through process, equipment, and facility audits

Facility Optimization
Improve total facility functions and implement future goals for the facility

Building Problem Analysis
Diagnose, data log, and correct building or equipment issues and provide solutions

Measurement & Verification
Ensures savings and proper operating efficiencies

Performance & Capacity Testing
Test equipment performance to ensure it is operating the way it was designed to operate and that it is operating as efficiently as possible

Utility Rebate Programs
Receive rebates and incentives from utility companies by complying with their energy-saving criteria such as selecting from recommended equipment for new construction

What EAPC’s Rigorous and Comprehensive Approach Entails
  • Define project requirements and review basis of design
  • Review contract and plans
  • Review systems submittals to ensure compliance with project requirements and basis of design
  • Review change orders to ensure the projects requirements and design
  • Perform prefunctional testing as required to ensure systems and equipment are installed as designed
  • Document deficiencies and present to construction manager and project owner
  • Once the deficiency is corrected, the commissioning authority will perform another prefunctional test
  • Once equipment and systems pass the prefunctional testing, functional testing will be performed
  • Functional testing will be performed on all equipment and systems defined in the scope of work. The temperature controls contractor maybe required to assist with the functional testing as needed by the commissioning authority
  • All equipment and systems will be documented as “Pass” or “Fail”
  • Any item that fails will be forwarded to the construction manager and the project owner
  • Once the responsible contractor corrects the issues, the commissioning authority will perform another functional test
  • The responsible contractor is responsible for the costs to correct any issues that are found
  • Verify all sequences of operation and DDC points list
  • Provide a final commissioning report for the project
  • Ensure the Operations and Maintenance (O&M) manuals are complete
  • Verify training of Operations and Maintenance staff and building occupants
  • Conduct a warranty meeting with in 10 months of substantial completion


Case Study

EAPC performed ReCommissioning service at Bagley Elementary and High Schools in Bagley, MN. The buildings underwent a complete HVAC renovation which was designed and commissioned by other firms. The systems at the High School had started to experience issues right away. Functional testing to verify the systems were installed, programmed, and operating correctly had not been performed properly. As a result, Bagley High School continued to battle with these issues for two years. Maintenance staff attempted to fix the issue but to no avail. After a thorough investigation, EAPC discovered that the air conditioning compressor was failing due to a lack of air flow. Additionally, the air handler was not operating according to the air flow requirements it was designed for. EAPC determined the proper air flows and provided solutions for the issues. This process resulted in the replacement of several compressors which had gone bad due to improper installation. The ReCommissioning process identified the issues, provided recommendations for improvement, and resulted in an HVAC system that now operates effectively, efficiently, and according to the owner’s needs.

Why Use EAPC ReCommissioning Services at Your Facility?

The ReCommissioning process verifies that your energy-related systems are running smoothly and determines how to fix them if they’re not. You may already notice some issues that need to be addressed. If so, don’t wait for a crisis before solving these issues. We will find out what is causing the issues you are experiencing and get you on the road to solutions and cost savings. ReCommissioning will ultimately lead to the happiness and comfort of those inside your building as well as extend the life of your systems and equipment, lower your utility costs, and lead to enhanced environmental and health conditions.

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