Jim Stocke

Commissioning Specialist | Senior Mechanical Designer

Jim has over 35 years of experience designing HVAC and plumbing systems and 15 years of experience as a commissioning agent. He develops Cx plans and oversees all facets of the Cx services EAPC provides, working with Project Managers, Directors of Facilities, Plant Operating Engineers, Contractors, and Subcontractors. He writes and performs prefunctional and functional tests and ensures that projects follows all State Guide Lines, the Basis of Design, and Owners’ Project Requirements and standards. He writes final Cx reports and provides the required documentation. He also oversees the submittal process to verify all items meet specifications and standards.

General/New Construction Commissioning

EAPC provides a systematic process of assuring that all building systems are installed, tested, and operate according to the design intent and the Owner’s operational needs and standards.


ReCommissioning is a methodical process of testing an existing facility’s systems and equipment to make sure they are still functioning according to the original design intent or to make adjustments to correct any deviation from the original design.


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