EAPC welcomes Melody Boberg to the St. Paul office as Administrative & Marketing Assistant.

Melody is a past entrepreneur as she was vice president of operations for Boberg Arms Corporation for six years. Melody was responsible for the daily operations for the small, family owned, firearms manufacturing corporation, leading the team that grew sales from zero to over $1 million within four years. Boberg Arms Corporation designed and made a unique bull-pup pistol in three models that was designed for the concealed carry market. “Running our small business meant that we all had to wear a lot of hats! Some jobs were not so glamorous, like cleaning the bathrooms and the shop floor, so we all took turns at it.” Melody said their success depended on teamwork, bright ideas, planning, hard work, and learning from mistakes.

“I believe that the health of any business reflects how well it is planned, including having the right people on the team. Running the business also required perseverance. It became imperative for us to learn how to look for the advantages in adversity instead of focusing on what could go wrong.”

Melody said when she decided to sell their business to Bond Arms, it was not easy emotionally. “We had birthed this new product line and it was hard to visualize letting it go, but realizing that we were putting it in the right hands for the next step of its growth was comforting.”

Excited to be at EAPC, Melody said she looks forward to learning more about our marketing strategies within the healthcare industry. She would also like to be a contributing team member in growing the St. Paul office. Melody is currently attending Inver Hills Community College where she will receive her AA Liberal Arts degree. She then hopes to transfer to St. Mary’s University to complete her BA in Marketing.

In addition to volunteering time to help small business owners, Melody is an avid outdoors gal, enjoying kayaking, hiking, biking, fishing, skating, trap and pistol shooting/instructing, and gardening. She also enjoys reading history and helping encourage parents with special needs children. Melody has two sons, one is a senior at University of St. Thomas majoring in Entrepreneurship, and the other a freshman in Graphic Design at Brainerd Central Lakes College.

Welcome to EAPC, Melody!