This 31,640 SF multi-function facility contains Pre-K and special needs classrooms in approximately half of the building, with the remaining area housing a wrestling gymnasium and associated support spaces.

The school portion of the building contains classrooms for Pre-K and special needs students with an OT/PT room, speech therapy room, social worker offices, school administrative and athletic offices, as well as a conference room. A full kitchen and dining room serves the student population and can be used for community events taking place in the gymnasium.

The gymnasium portion of the building contains a 9,570 SF gymnasium/multi-purpose room with a stage designed to accommodate wrestling tournaments, graduations, and community gatherings.

Locker rooms for home and visiting teams are included and a training room with ice baths and steam rooms serve the needs of practicing and competing teams.

A concessions stand provides drinks and snacks for the 1,000+ spectators in bleacher seats during sporting and community events.

A ticket office is provided at the entry to the gym, separate from the school’s entry.