Switching their model of care to better meet the needs of patients, the concept for the Family Birth Center design provides a hospitable, hotel-style, environment for families to welcome their most precious little additions.

Sanford Health Family Birth Center has a long history of providing award-winning care in North Dakota. As innovators in the healthcare industry, they opened their doors to welcome newborns and parents to a new state-of-the-art Family Birth Center in 2021.

Key Features

  • Human-centered interaction
  • Abundant natural light, a modern, welcome atmosphere, and soft, mood defining lighting reflects
  • Sanford’s vision for the patient experience
  • Refreshed outdated rooms, corridors, nurse stations, and family support spaces
  • Reconfigured entry sequence
  • Super graphics used as artwork and wayfinding
  • Parent sleep rooms and family living rooms

Family Birth Center

  • Updated amenities and birthing suites equipped with whirlpool tubs to help laboring mothers with post-partum pain
  • Two new C-Section operating rooms with a camera system, allowing parents to be more involved with the birth of their baby
  • 7 private labor and delivery rooms and 17 post-partum rooms
  • 10 regular rooms, 4 double rooms for twins, 1 room for triplets
  • Pull-out sofas and rockers to accommodate overnight visitors


  • Significant remodel made the new unit twice as big as the former NICU
  • Ten private rooms, four semi-private rooms, and a six-bed NICU critical care bay
  • Private rooms give parents the opportunity to stay in a room with their babies
  • First hospital in central and western North Dakota to offer private NICU rooms
  • Cutting-edge lighting system significantly helps tiny babies born dependent to drugs or alcohol