This facility is a pillar for the local area and was not meeting the current healthcare needs of the community.

  • Our master planning efforts included upgrades to the hospital and long term care to better help serve the community for the future
  • We assisted NDHC in determining the impacts of different care and treatment models to help guide the care for tomorrow
  • EAPC worked with our consultants to provide a market demand and affordability analysis along with a survey for the financial impacts of change for the proposed care models
  • Current phase includes Procedure Rooms, Pharmacy, Loading and Receiving, Senior Living, Assisted Living, Clinic, Imaging, Lab, Registration and Main Entry, Rehab, Administration, Ambulance Drop-Off, and Emergency Department
  • Biophilic design includes large windows in patient rooms and senior living areas to create direct and indirect experiences of nature in the built environment
  • Direct experiences of nature refer to plants and natural light and indirect experiences play with natural materials such as wood and images or simulations of nature
  • Biophilic design in healthcare improves patient healing and well-being; 10-15 minutes with nature can reduce blood pressure, heart rate, muscle tension, and increase the production of stress hormones