St. John’s Hospital’s new linear accelerator allows for more accurate and refined treatments for patients while providing a grand atmosphere within a relatively small room.

  • EAPC designed a complete 1,410 SF renovation for the treatment space of the Linear Accelerator as well as waiting and common space areas outside the vault of the Linear Accelerator to help the physicians better serve their patients’ needs
  • Design emphasis was the Linear Accelerator itself, with special attention paid to the strict requirements imposed by the inclusion of this new machine
  • New casework and finishes were installed within the room
  • Drop-down ceiling featuring fiber-optic panels and a cove with color changing LED lights (scan QR code to watch machine in action)
  • Ceiling layout and lighting were designed to enhance the patient experience and soften the room for an otherwise hard and chilled environment
  • The sub-wall area located outside of the vault includes new work to the soffit and a new privacy glass wall configuration to meet the needs of the staff and their patients