American Crystal Sugar Company, Hillsboro, ND

This project increased factory slice from 6,600 tons/day to a design maximum of 8,500 tons/day of sugar beets processed. The primary system modifications were to beet end, which included the beet washing/conveying, beet juice extraction, juice purification, beet pulp press, beet pulp drying and pulp pellet systems.

Expansion work included new and modified fluid handling systems with pumps, tanks and piping. Specialty process equipment work involving presses, slicers, mixers, clarifiers, blowers and separators.

Additional work was conducted on material handling systems and equipment, belt conveyors, bucket elevators, rock catchers and water transport flumes, pneumatic conveying systems and equipment with blowers, air locks, bag houses, cyclones, screens and magnets.

New and modified HVAC systems for industrial and office space were installed.

Electrical work included instrumentation and controls, power distribution and lighting to support process and building changes and additions.

Structural and civil work included three new and multiple existing building additions, equipment platforms, supports and road additions and upgrades.