Black Hills Corporation Neil Simpson Complex

The station includes four coal-fired power plants and two simple cycle combustion turbines with a combined nameplate net capacity of 437 MW. Compressed air for the site was supplied from six (6) Atlas Copco positive displacement screw compressors spread out among the four coal fired units. The air system is split into two air nets, a north side and a south side, with a manual valve for controlling flow between them.

In order to address system reliability and future capacity needs, EAPC provided engineering, design, project management, and project control for the implementation of upgrades to the existing compressed air system. Two new water-cooled FS Elliot centrifugal air compressors were added to increase capacity. Oil mist eliminators were added to existing compressor to reduce oil carryover. Multiple wet and dry air receivers were installed throughout the facility to meet instantaneous demands of large users. Two new master controllers (one for each air net) were installed to manage and balance the operation of all the air compressors. A new automated control valve was added to control air flow between the two air systems.

EAPC assisted in specification development, bidding procedures, budget tracking, mechanical/structural/electrical engineering and design for new and revised systems, and technical support during construction. As-built drawings of the final system were also provided.