Bismarck can now better serve the growing population

Bismarck Fire Station 4 replaced the existing Sleepy Hollow Station. The five-acre site includes a pre-fabricated training burn building as well as a physical fitness running trail.

Spaces include:

  • 3 Apparatus Bays
  • Apparatus Equipment and Support Spaces
  • Training Room
  • Physical Fitness Room
  • 4 Sleeping Quarters
  • Kitchen
  • Dining Room
  • Lounge

The new station can now train firefighters more efficiently and give Bismarck residents quicker response times. Fire Chief, Joe Boespflug says that without this new fire station they would not have been able to maintain their emergency standards with the increasing community growth Bismarck has seen. The fire station was put strategically in its new location because of the growth in North East Bismarck. Replacing the former Sleepy Hollow station, the new site allows firefighters to be closer to some of the newly developed areas of town. Deputy Chief Dave Meyer says the goal is to get to 90 percent of calls in four and a half minutes or less, and this spot puts them on better ground to do so.

The biggest enhancement is their new educational classrooms that allow firefighters to learn about all types of emergencies. The firefighters and captain that are using this station had a special hand in helping design the building.

“These are the people that work here, operate out of here, so this station is very well designed by that team,” Fire Chief Boespflug said.