We specialize in designing, reviewing and replacing Burner Management Systems (BMS).

Safety considerations change as equipment improves and the industry gathers incident data and learns how to improve. In response, NFPA 85 is updated and re-issued every six years. Having a current BMS technical review in your files is extremely important for mitigation of personnel injury and equipment damage, and to minimize liability risk.

We have performed major in-depth BMS reviews for several large utilities on multiple units. A typical review will compare existing BMS design to the version of NFPA 85 that applies (either original or updated via a “Major Alteration”) as well as to the current version. The process includes a review of applicable P&IDs, control logic drawings, control SAMA drawings, the BMS system architecture and configuration, FD & ID fan curves, load profile, equipment and duct design pressures, instrument logical setpoints, operating procedures, boiler Performance Summary Sheets, and boiler drawings. Calculations include furnace volume and allowable purge rates, minimum air flow rate, and igniter heat input for igniter classification. After this “Internal Review”, we complete the process with an “External Review” which includes a complete field device and wiring functional inspection of all inputs and outputs. The procedure is client-interactive, resulting in a detailed report.

A typical report Table of Contents would include:

  • Executive Summary
  • Logic Review Description
  • Review Procedure
  • Documents Reviewed
  • Overall System Review
  • System Architecture
  • Trip Signal Communication
  • Power Supply
  • Redundancy
  • Furnace Purge
  • Boiler Trip
  • Combustion Control
  • Mill Startup & Shutdown
  • Mill Inerting
  • Furnace draft
  • Igniter Size
  • Equipment Design vs Operating Pressure
  • Operating Scenario Study
  • Results Summary & Recommendations
  • Appendix