EAPC is excited to welcome BIM Modeler Abe Hernandez to our Phoenix office.

Abe holds an associate’s degree in Architectural CAD Technology from Glendale Community College and has a year and a half of experience in the CAD Design field. Previously, he served as a CAD Designer at an engineering firm in Phoenix, primarily focusing on electrical drafting.

Abe first became interested in the world of architecture and design when he was in middle school and learned about Frank Lloyd Wright. While in college, he discovered BIM modeling and drafting and decided to make it his career.

At EAPC, Abe is looking forward to being part of the design process. “I can’t wait to start working on projects and seeing how the construction process goes. Here in Phoenix, if there’s a building we’re working on, I can drive by and see it go from flat ground to a fully-finished project.”

A project type that Abe would love to work on is a sports complex because of its complexity. “It’s interesting how for a certain room you have to make certain adjustments because of the uses for that individual space.”

In his free time, Abe enjoys playing video games like Legend of Zelda, and going on camping trips with his family.

Welcome to the team, Abe!