EAPC Sioux Falls Rolls Up Its Sleeves Up for Earth Day

Since its inception in 1970, Earth Day, has been celebrated globally on April 22nd each year, aimed at fostering a deeper respect and care for our planet through the promotion of environmental conservation and protection. This movement has seen remarkable growth, rallying over a billion people across 193 countries in a wide array of activities and campaigns, according to the Earth Day Network. These initiatives underscore the critical need for immediate environmental action, addressing a host of ecological challenges on both a global and local scale.

A prime example of this effort is the Big Sioux River Greenway Cleanup in Sioux Falls, SD. This annual cleanup event not only advocates for a greener, more sustainable future but also makes a tangible difference in the quality and health of the Big Sioux River and the areas surrounding it. Earth Day efforts throughout the United States have been instrumental in removing more than 100 million pounds of trash from public areas, significantly enhancing the wellbeing of our ecosystems and improving living conditions for humans and wildlife alike.

This past Saturday, members from our EAPC Sioux Falls office, together with their families, gathered at Pasley Park as part of the Ninth Annual Big Sioux River Cleanup. Armed with bags and gloves, they were ready to contribute to a significant city-wide initiative. Volunteers across Sioux Falls, spanning seven locations, united to clear trash and debris from green spaces. This collective effort showcased our community’s dedication to enhancing our rivers and parks’ environmental health and beauty.

“At EAPC, we believe in the power of architecture and engineering to create sustainable, healthy environments that uplift communities. Our participation in the Pasley Park and Big Sioux River cleanup reflects this philosophy, underscoring our dedication to practices that respect and actively benefit the environment,” explained EAPC Partner and Architect Leap Chear.

The City’s Environmental Services Manager, Josh Peterson, highlighted the impact of such volunteer efforts, noting that “Over the years, volunteers have removed thousands of pounds of trash from the river.” It’s a powerful reminder of how collective action can contribute to significant environmental improvement.

The cleanup event was not just an isolated act of service; it symbolized our ongoing commitment to environmental stewardship. As a firm specializing in creating spaces that harmonize with their surroundings, we understand the importance of maintaining a clean and healthy environment. This Earth Day initiative is one of the many ways EAPC contributes to a sustainable future, not only through our projects but also through direct community engagement.

To our valued clients, partners, and community members: we urge you to actively seek out opportunities to engage in local environmental efforts. Whether it’s participating in a cleanup, attending an educational festival, planting a tree, or simply enjoying the outdoors responsibly, every action you take contributes to the preservation of our planet for future generations.

Let’s continue to work together for the wellbeing of our environment.
Happy Earth Day!