EAPC is excited to welcome Proposal Coordinator Jodi Johnson to our Marketing team.

Jodi has over 20 years of graphic design experience in the Grand Forks and Fergus Falls communities. She earned a Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Communications from Minnesota State University Moorhead.

Jodi has a variety of design experience including magazines, websites, print advertisements, and email lists. She is also well-versed in working directly with clients and designing and developing advertisements and marketing materials for various companies.

Most recently, Jodi served as a Graphic Designer at Tag Up by Rischard Marketing where she worked directly with clients in the sports industry to design various locker room and sports-related items. Some of her VIP clients include: UND Hockey, Northwestern Football, Washington Commanders, MN Twins, LA Angels, Philadelphia Phillies, and Memphis Grizzlies. She also helped to implement a new hire itinerary and summer intern program.

Nearly 20 years ago in a previous role at Amazon, Jodi worked under our marketing director, Lori Bakken, and shares that she is a big reason for accepting this new position at EAPC. “Lori was very influential to me in my early career. She’s such a professional and I learned so much from her. She really set the standard high with her amazing leadership skills! Lori has nothing but good things to say about this company – and I trust her judgment.”

“It’s fascinating how time unfolds, granting us the privilege of collaborating with someone again after many years. Jodi’s accomplishments speak for themselves, affirming she’s the perfect addition to our growing marketing team. Understanding the diversity of a 57-year-old firm, its extensive body of work, and the resumes of EAPCers can be overwhelming. However, Jodi is diving in with the same can-do attitude I fondly remember!” Lori Bakken, Marketing Director

Jodi shares her excitement to learn about our proposal standards and to jump into this new process. “I’m excited to work for such a great organization and all the challenges this new position will bring. I really enjoy layout design and collaborating on team projects so I know this will be a great fit for me!”

In her free time, Jodi likes to work out, hike, thrift/antique, and spend time with her family. We are excited for Jodi to bring her depth of knowledge to our Marketing team!