Celebrating Women in Construction Week

by Krissy Trowbridge CPD


In honor of Women in Construction Week (WIC), EAPC Architects Engineers (EAPC) would like to acknowledge the tireless efforts and invaluable contributions of women in this field. This week also offers a pivotal moment for reflection on the evolving role of women within the construction industry. As the Construction Assistant and Safety Specialist at EAPC, I especially feel a deep sense of pride and responsibility in highlighting the significance of this evolution. I stand with my peers and colleagues in celebrating the achievements of women who are breaking barriers and setting new benchmarks in construction.

women in construction

The construction industry has long been perceived as a male-dominated field, but the narrative is changing. Women are increasingly taking on leadership roles, from project management to engineering, and are playing crucial roles in shaping the future of construction. Their expertise, resilience, and innovative thinking are driving the industry forward, challenging the status quo, and introducing new perspectives on project development, safety protocols, and design.

EAPC recognizes the importance of diversity in fostering a dynamic and innovative workplace. We are committed to supporting women in construction through mentorship programs, professional development opportunities, and a culture that values inclusivity and equality. By nurturing talent and providing a platform for women to excel, we are not only enhancing our organizational capabilities but also contributing to the broader industry’s growth and sustainability.

The presence of women in construction also emphasizes the importance of safety and inclusivity in the workplace. As a Safety Specialist and CPTED certified professional, I witness firsthand how diverse teams bring varied perspectives to addressing safety challenges and creating environments that are secure and welcoming for everyone. Women in construction bring attention to details that might otherwise be overlooked, advocating for practices that ensure the well-being of all workers on site.

Furthermore, the role of mentorship in supporting women in construction cannot be overstated. Mentorship provides a framework for knowledge sharing, skill development, and professional growth. It creates pathways for emerging professionals to navigate the complexities of the industry and develop the confidence and skills needed to thrive. At EAPC, we believe in the power of mentorship to transform individual careers and the industry at large.

As we celebrate WIC Week, it’s crucial to not only applaud the achievements of women in the field but also to reflect on the challenges that remain. Despite the progress made, women in construction still face significant barriers, from gender bias to limited access to leadership roles. Addressing these challenges requires a collective effort from individuals and organizations across the industry. It involves continuing to advocate for policies and practices that promote gender equality, provide equal opportunities for career advancement, and recognize the contributions of women as integral to the success of the construction industry.

During this WIC week–and every day of the year–EAPC applauds the hard work, dedication, and innovation of women in the construction field. Our commitment to enhancing inclusivity and equality in the industry is unwavering. We’re not just celebrating achievements; we’re supporting the continuous growth and development of these remarkable women. By working together, we aim to build an industry that is more inclusive, diverse, and welcoming for the generations to come.