National Engineering Week: Celebrating Excellence

By Parker Lawley PE

As National Engineering Week (EWeek) gets underway, EAPC Architects Engineers (EAPC) is excited to participate in this significant celebration highlighting engineers’ essential contributions to our world. Since its inception in 1951, EWeek has been a time to reflect and celebrate our field and the achievements of engineers across all disciplines. Speaking from my experience as a Mechanical Engineer contributing to the built environment at EAPC, I’ve witnessed the crucial impact my peers, colleagues, and I have in crafting the fabric of our society.

Building on the enthusiasm of EWeek, we want to acknowledge our partnership with the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating, and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE). This collaboration exemplifies the cooperative essence of our field, merging innovative engineering practices with the advancement of eco-friendly technologies. It reflects our shared dedication to excellence within engineering. Together, we are committed to leveraging this partnership to significantly impact our communities and the environment, underscoring the vital role of engineers in creating a more resilient and healthier future.

National Engineering Week serves as a unique platform for the entire community to showcase its dedication to the profession and inspire the next generation of engineers. The week features a broad array of activities and events designed to bring the world of engineering closer to people of all ages. These initiatives ignite curiosity and enthusiasm among children, educators, and parents. By showcasing the creativity, problem-solving prowess, and societal contributions that are hallmarks of the engineering field, the goal is to motivate a diverse group of young minds to consider and embark on careers within this dynamic and impactful field. This year, I’m proud to share that members of EAPC’s Sioux Falls office are volunteering through ASHRAE and other local engineering societies at local schools and libraries to engage kids of all ages, Kindergarten through 12th grade, in STEM- and STEAM-inspired activities.

John Harris Elementary School, Sioux Falls, SD
John Harris Elementary School, Sioux Falls, SD
John Harris Elementary School, Sioux Falls, SD

At EAPC, celebrating a career in engineering extends beyond just one week; it is a year-round commitment to mentorship, education, and outreach. In collaboration with organizations like ASHRAE, our initiatives focus on providing learning experiences, mentorship, and internship opportunities. These efforts support our professional growth and the professional growth of future engineers. They also underscore the diverse career paths and opportunities that engineering offers.

Engineers play a fundamental role in addressing some of the most pressing global challenges, from environmental sustainability to technological innovation. National Engineering Week reminds us of our responsibility and opportunity as engineers to make significant contributions to society. EAPC is committed to leveraging our expertise to develop solutions that improve the quality of life for people worldwide while also promoting the importance of engineering as a career that can truly make a difference.

In observing EWeek, we celebrate engineers’ enduring and future influence in shaping our world. This occasion invites us to honor the legacy and current achievements of engineers while also dedicating ourselves to the continuous pursuit of excellence in engineering and striving for a brighter future.