EAPC is excited to announce the Rebecca Miller joins full-time as a Structural Designer in our Phoenix office.

Becca started her career at EAPC in May of 2022 as an Architectural Student Intern in our Sioux Falls, SD office. She is now working full-time in our Phoenix, AZ office as a Structural Designer. Becca earned her Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering from Dordt University in Iowa.

When asked what contributed to her decision to stay with EAPC post-grad, Becca shares, “It’s such a nice learning environment. It feels like they really want you to learn and be successful.”

Becca also shares that she enjoyed getting to go on job sites and see projects during the construction process and is hoping to do more of that as a full-time team member. She also says she can’t wait for the day that a project that she worked on is complete and to be able to see it come to life.

Becca’s goal for the next steps of her professional career is to pass her Fundamentals of Engineering (FE) exam this spring.

In her free time, Becca enjoys reading, hiking, and running. She says her favorite part about running is taking the time to herself to clear her head.

Welcome to the team full-time Becca!