EAPC is excited to welcome Donna Zhao as the Mechanical Engineering Region Manager in our Phoenix office.

Donna earned her Bachelor of Architecture and Mechanical Engineering from the University of Chongqing in China. She has 20 impressive years of experience in Mechanical Engineering consulting in California. Donna is a licensed Professional Engineer in California and is working to obtain her licensure in Arizona.

For the last four years, Donna served as the 2nd Lead of MP/Senior Mechanical Engineer at a large firm in Los Angeles where she managed team members, worked on mechanical designs, communicated with clients, mentored junior team members, and performed project budget and schedule control.

“Donna is a fantastic addition to our Phoenix office and the entire Mechanical Team company-wide. Her extensive industry experience, encompassing various sectors closely aligning with EAPC’s five primary sectors, is truly remarkable. Her presence on the team has not only eased the workload for our senior mechanical team members but has also had a significant positive impact on our project delivery.” — Jim Tyler, Senior Mechanical Engineer/Partner

In her new role at EAPC, Donna is most enthusiastic about nurturing young talent as they embark on their professional journeys. “Nobody knows everything, especially for young people, but what’s important is they try to learn. I can see that from them already.”

Some of Donna’s favorite projects to work on are in the Healthcare and Education sectors. She says that being involved in projects that help people and the community is one of the best feelings.

When asked about her attraction to EAPC, Donna noted her initial positive impression of the company culture, particularly the opportunity for employees to take on meaningful tasks. “Everybody has their own personality and background…that’s normal. But we coordinate as a team to do a good job for our clients.”

In her free time, Donna enjoys reading, swimming, traveling, and shooting pool.

Welcome to EAPC Donna!