Honoring the Unsung Heroes: ASHE National Health Care Facilities and Engineering Week


Every year, in the last week of October, hospitals, healthcare providers, and communities come together to celebrate ASHE National Health Care Facilities and Engineering Week. As a leading firm in the architecture and engineering sector, EAPC Architects Engineers (EAPC) understands the complexities that come with designing and maintaining healthcare facilities. This occasion serves as an essential reminder to acknowledge the facility team members who work around the clock to maintain the safety and functionality of our healthcare environments. With a strong commitment to excellence in healthcare design, EAPC joins in saluting these vital professionals for their endless dedication.

The importance of these professionals can’t be overstated. As EAPC Healthcare Director Dan Abeln points out, “There are very few groups of people who work more tirelessly behind the scenes to keep these incredibly important community assets running around the clock.”


EAPC Electrical Engineer, Eli Valdez with Banner Health Professional

The complex settings that healthcare facilities offer are unlike any other. The diverse mix of spaces, from operating rooms to labs, inpatient units to pharmacies, each area in the healthcare environment has unique requirements for temperature, humidity, isolation, and resilience.

Abeln adds, “The specialized expertise that is required to maintain such complex and critical environments is immense, and Healthcare Facilities staff adapt on a moment’s notice to ensure that their issues are solved.”

Healthcare facilities are perhaps one of the few places where the word “emergency” can take on several meanings. Facility teams need to adapt quickly to any situation — from power failures to equipment malfunctions, often making split-second decisions that directly impact the ability to protect the health and safety of patients, visitors, and staff.

Managing healthcare facilities is a complex task, especially when considering that many of these critical operations are carried out with extremely limited budgets or on facilities and infrastructure that are extremely dated. Facility teams are experts at resource allocation, ensuring that they prioritize tasks without compromising on the quality or safety of healthcare services.

Another aspect that sets healthcare facilities apart is the need for uninterrupted operation. Even during the most intensive maintenance or renovation, care must continue to be provided. Facility teams work meticulously to ensure that there is as little disruption as possible to medical services.

As healthcare facilities continue to grow in complexity due to advancements in medical technology and increased patient needs, the role of facility teams will only become more pivotal. EAPC is proud to stand by these dedicated professionals who make it all happen, despite myriad challenges they face every day.

In observance of ASHE National Health Care Facilities and Engineering Week, it’s important we acknowledge the tireless efforts of these behind-the-scenes champions. They serve as the foundational support that ensures our healthcare system remains robust, flexible, and consistently responsive to community needs.