EAPC welcomes Nick Denk from intern to full-time Mechanical Engineer.

Nick started at EAPC as a Mechanical Engineering Student Intern in January 2023 while finishing his last semester of college. He graduated this May with his Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Arizona State University.

“From day one of my internship everyone’s treated me like one of their co-workers and not just an intern, so that was super cool.”

Now that he’s in the office full time, Nick says he’s excited to now get some experience working in the project management and construction administration side of things.

Nick’s favorite type of projects to work on have been those that are designed and constructed from the ground up. “The storage unit projects we’re working on right now are all that way, and it’s really exciting.”

Nick’s future plans include taking his Fundamentals of Engineering (FE) exam this year, and to take his Principles and Practice of Engineering (PE) exam in the next couple of years to become fully licensed. “I’m excited to step up and get to learn new things.”

Welcome to EAPC full-time Nick!