EAPC Sioux Falls: Embodying a Culture of Giving Back at The Banquet

On June 16, the EAPC Sioux Falls office stepped away from their architectural and engineering workstations into the heartwarming hustle of The Banquet’s kitchen. The team’s commitment to their community was evident as they helped serve breakfast to 236 people in need, highlighting EAPC’s culture of giving back.

EAPC has long fostered a culture of community involvement, driven by a belief in the power of collective action to make a positive impact. The company recognizes that they are part of a broader community and that their success is intertwined with the wellbeing of those around them. EAPC Sioux Falls’ participation at The Banquet underscores this core company’s value.

“In our work, we strive to build not just structures, but bridges of connection and support. Our day at The Banquet was a testament to this, allowing us to strengthen ties with our community members and help an organization whose mission we deeply respect and align with. It’s moments like these that affirm why we believe in going beyond business to truly serve and shape the communities we operate in,” said EAPC Mechanical Engineer Parker Lawley.

The Banquet, a beloved Sioux Falls nonprofit, has spent 37 years serving meals to those in need. Their mission—”Welcoming the community to gather and serve each other, feeding the body and spirit”—strongly aligns with EAPC’s disposition of community service.

The Banquet’s mission is propelled entirely by private donations, forgoing government funding. Each week, they prepare 16 meals across two locations in Sioux Falls, delivering much-needed nourishment and a sense of community to those they serve.

Volunteering at The Banquet allowed EAPC to contribute tangibly to this cause and reinforced their belief in the importance of active civic participation. Their time at The Banquet underscores the notion that businesses can play a significant role in enriching the environment in which they operate.


“It was an energizing day, partnering with our EAPC team and The Banquet staff to provide meals to those in need. The dedication and diligence of the staff, as well as the regular volunteers we had the pleasure to work with, were impressive,” described Lawley. “As part of the EAPC family, I’m grateful for the encouragement we receive to engage with and give back to our region.  It’s a privilege to help elevate an organization like The Banquet that does so much for our community.”

Their day of volunteering was not just an act of providing meals but an act of aligning with an organization that shares their values and vision. It was a vivid reminder of the dual role businesses can play—as providers of services and as agents of positive change.

EAPC extends its gratitude to The Banquet for the opportunity to serve, its team members for their enthusiastic participation, and the broader Sioux Falls community for its continued support. As EAPC Sioux Falls continues to engage in these community-building efforts, they hope to cultivate a culture of giving that feeds the body and spirit of the community they call home.