EAPC Architects Engineers is named a Best Firm to Work For

It’s with great excitement and gratitude that we announce EAPC Architects Engineers has been distinguished as a 2023 Best Firms to Work For, by Zweig Group. EAPC claimed the 28th spot in the category for companies with 100-199 employees and clinched the 45th position in the multidisciplinary category. The two achievements are a testament to EAPC’s enduring commitment to its employees and its robust workplace culture.

The Zweig Group’s Best Firms to Work For award is one of the most highly coveted accolades in the architecture, engineering, and environmental consulting industry. The award recognizes the top firms in the United States and Canada, based on their workplace practices, employee benefits, employee retention rates, and overall employee engagement levels. The award acknowledges firms that are committed to fostering an enjoyable and engaging work environment that attracts, retains, and motivates the best industry talent.

“We are honored to receive these awards and to be recognized by Zweig as one of the best architectural and engineering firms to work for,” said EAPC Director of Human Resources, Noah Fischer. “Because our employees’ feedback played such a large part in winning this award, it is particularly meaningful and a testament to our unwavering commitment to fostering a culture where our employees can thrive.”

At EAPC, the recognition goes beyond just a symbol of the company’s achievements—it stands as a testimony to its vision of creating a firm centered around its most valuable asset, its employees!

The company’s culture is built on a foundation of mutual respect, collaboration, and innovation. EAPC strives to foster an environment where employees are encouraged to express their ideas, develop their skills, and contribute to the overall success of the firm. With comprehensive benefits, competitive salaries, and a strong emphasis on work-life balance, EAPC looks to ensure that its team members are taken care of, personally and professionally.

“Things just don’t happen; we have been intentional about creating a great work environment and providing opportunities. As the workforce has changed, EAPC has adapted, which has made our firm one of the best places to work,” explained EAPC Chief Operating Officer and Partner, Wayne Dietrich.

Innovation is at the heart of EAPC’s operation, embracing new technology and pioneering design and engineering solutions. By creating a supportive and stimulating workplace, EAPC enables its team to tackle new challenges, innovate, and drive the firm’s success in delivering top-tier architectural and engineering solutions.

In addition to providing a welcoming and supportive work environment, EAPC is deeply committed to serving the community and maintaining sustainable practices. The company encourages its employees to participate in various community service initiatives, thereby fostering a culture of giving back to society. Also, the firm’s dedication to implementing sustainable design practices and reducing its environmental impact further solidifies EAPC’s position as a conscientious and responsible industry leader.

“Giving back and serving is a privilege and a responsibility we embrace. Together, we look forward to continuing to build a brighter future for our communities and creating a ripple effect of kindness,” added Fischer.

EAPC will continue its commitment to its employees and the values it upholds. We humbly thank our employees for their efforts, their dedication, and this recognition of being a Best Place to Work!