Welcome Rami Douri

We are pleased to welcome Rami Douri as an Electrical Engineer to EAPC’s Bismarck office.

Rami earned an Associate of Science from Bismarck State College and most recently a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from the University of Mary. While working on his degrees he served as a Technical Lead and Operations Assistant at Raeed and Sons where he performed troubleshooting and failure analysis on electrical equipment.

“My father is an electrical engineer and I’ve always wanted to be like him.” With a passion for understanding how things work, Rami said he took as many courses in electronics as he could so he can be that guy who designs products that are useful and cutting edge.



“I will have many opportunities at EAPC, learning this trade and being part of successful projects. I look forward to when I will be in charge of a project from conception to the finished presentation.”

As someone who likes to invent, Rami is currently working on a DIY project that involves operations by voice command. “I like creating things that will make my life easier!” Creating and also traveling around the world are two hobbies that Rami says keeps him inspired and passionate about his profession.

Welcome to EAPC, Rami!