Design With Use in Mind: Wellness Centers

When it comes to designing a wellness center, Alan Dostert, EAPC President and CEO, knows what’s up! Not only is he the Wellness expert at our firm, he is an avid gym user. He knows first-hand what is needed to make a wellness center functional and appealing to many different enthusiasts.

Alan jokes that wellness centers are the new singles bar. He attributes part of this to the environment. Wellness centers have become more of a community space, offering not only equipment but also space for group classes, a café or coffee shop, meeting rooms, multiple lounge areas, even a clinic or spa. Alan states, “The days of going through a turn style front door are long gone. We want to create a space that allows users to mingle and connect with one another.”

EAPC’s design approach is to create an experience for the user and to generate excitement to frequent the gym, instead of dreading it.

Our long winter months make outdoor activity challenging. EAPC’s solution is to design wellness centers with big windows that stream in natural light from the great outdoors. It gives the illusion of being outside without having to battle the elements.

Another aspect of wellness center design that EAPC focuses on is the incorporation of technology. We’re not just talking about a built-in tv on the treadmill, but also integrating personal devices that connect to the machine and track your progress. Rodney Bischof, the project manager on our most recent wellness center says, “Almost all the new exercise equipment can be connected to the users’ apps or personal devices. The use of personal devices [while exercising] is not going away, if anything it will increase.” Technology is always advancing and with that so does our design.

Balancing size, quality, and cost is key.

Alan and Rodney both agree that balance is key when designing, creating, and executing a wellness center. Keeping this type of project in balance comes down to three components: size, quality, and budget. For example, if a project has a specific budget, we adjust the other two components to make that budget work. Alan’s philosophy is to, “Talk to the Owner up front about their expectations to keep the size, quality, and budget in balance from the very start.”

We want all your senses to be engaged the moment you walk in the door.

Everyone knows that being active is a great way to stay healthy but knowing that does not always make it easy to do. That is why EAPC strives to make the most of the user’s experience. “We really like to show a diversity of functions right when the user walks through the door. We want to generate excitement with the sounds of basketballs, weights clanking, seeing runners on the track, or watching players in the racquetball courts. This helps to create an environment that people want to be in.” By designing a space that people are excited to use, it motivates them to get off the couch and get active.

If you are looking for that experience to get you excited about being active, check out a few of the wellness spaces EAPC has designed and find one located in your area!

“This type of project is becoming more of a community center, a place for fitness and the community to come together.” – Rodney Bischof, Project Manager

At EAPC, we #DesignWithPurpose