New Frontier Renewable Energy

“I highly recommend EAPC for all of your wind energy consulting and service needs.

As President of New Frontier Renewable Energy, I hired Jay Haley and his team to help develop two 99 MW wind farms south of Velva, ND. EAPC conducted the wind resource assessment site-selection, met tower installation, data collection and analyses, wind farm design and layout, energy assessment, cost analyses and permitting support. EAPC proved to be an excellent choice.

With over 30 years experience, they are highly professional and skilled engineers and analysts. The quality of their work, customer communications and business insights was exceptional. Moreover, they are enjoyable to work with and bring credibility and value to all projects they are associated with.”

—Barry Jennings, New Frontier Renewable Energy President

Basin Electric Power Cooperative

As Manager of Alterative Technologies for Basin Electric, I was the project manager for Basin Electric’s two large wind projects:

  • A 120 MW wind project near Minot, ND, consisting of 80 – 1.5 MW wind turbines
  • A 162 MW wind project located near White Lake, SD, consisting of 108 – 1.5 MW wind turbines

EAPC provided wind farm design and energy assessment for both these projects. In addition, we purchased the wind analysis software, WindPRO, from them and they provided thorough training for my engineers to use that software.

In all cases, EAPC’s work and performance was highly professional and provided good value to the projects. In particular, I want to note the site energy assessment provided by EAPC for the Crow Lake Project. This document was effective and valuable in our financing and permitting efforts related to the project.

I can recommend EAPC without reservation and will not hesitate to engage their services for future projects.

—Ron Rebenitsch, PE, MBA, Energy Engineering, Inc. President

Turning Point Management

I have known and worked with EAPC since 2004. EAPC has performed wind assessment data collection services, park analysis, and other related performance measurements as requested.

These services were provided for two – 100 MW projects currently in full operation that were commissioned in 2005 and 2008. Both projects were built with GE turbines and EAPC provided all related engineering services related to wind assessment. In addition, EAPC performed the engineering services related to wind data assessment for additional projects of 150 MW and 49.5 MW. All this being said, these referenced projects were sucessfully funded. More importantly, the wind assessment provided by EAPC prior to commissioning of these projects has properly assessed and forecasted the wind resource and resultant energy.

TPM has and will continue to use EAPC in the future for renewable energy projects. Further, TPM will also recommend EAPC to other projects to perform the needed and required wind assessment services.

—Earl R. Cummings, Turning Point Management President/Founder