Red Lake Nation Charter School
Red Lake, MN
Cass Lake Early Childhood Development Facility
Cass Lake, MN
Williston Basin CTE Center and Del Easton Alternative School
Williston, ND
East Fairview Elementary School Addition and Renovation
East Fairview, ND
Laura Wilder Elementary School Addition
Sioux Falls, SD
White Shield Elementary Addition
Roseglen, ND
Minot Public Schools Duane Carlson Stadium Master Plan & All-Weather Field
Minot, ND
Alexander Public Schools Vo-Ag Shop
Alexander, ND
Fargo Public Elementary Schools
Fargo, ND
Trenton Public School
Trenton, ND
Turtle Mountain Community Schools Pre-K and Wrestling Facility
Belcourt, ND
Bismarck High school Auditorium & Gym Additions
Bismarck, ND