Renovation of the second floor of O’Kelly Hall is the last phase of a multi-phased project to this 1947 historic building.

This project is the culmination of six years worth of building updates and renovations

  • Project updates include:
    -Complete renovation of the 20,400 SF second floor
    -Final updates of all mechanical, electrical, and fire suppression
    -Code updates for accessibility and life safety throughout the building
    -Restoration of 46,000 SF exterior architecture via new windows/doors, new roofing, and tuckpointing and replacement of aged exterior masonry
  • The new second floor design is mostly offices and work spaces for UND faculty, but also integrates comfortable meeting areas of varying degrees of privacy for casual conversations or private conversations between faculty and students
  • In addition to these renovations, the project also adds new square footage to create a connecting link between the adjacent Gillette Hall building (1918) and O’Kelly Hall (1947)
  • This new 2,300 SF link provides a new lounge/study space for students and a shared accessible entrance for both historic buildings.
  • Article published in UND Today: Link building connects, improves access to O’Kelly and Gillette halls – UND Today