When Trenton students resume classes in Fall 2019, they’ll feel like they’re in a brand new school!

EAPC’s relationship with Trenton Public School of Eight Mile School District 6 in Trenton, ND began in 2016. EAPC was privileged to work with the school district on multiple small scale planning and design projects before assisting them with a $9,000,000 bond referendum. After three public meetings that showed positive community support, the vote was set for February 15, 2018. Taxpayers voted yes for a high school and elementary addition.

Groundbreaking Ceremony Photo Courtesy of Jonie Slater

EAPC evaluated several master plan options and spatial needs for the district facilities. The selected master plan was chosen based on significant enrollment growth, increase in the number of special education student needs, overall facility deficiencies, and funding resources and mechanisms available to the school district. The footing and foundation work for the following is currently underway:

Existing Building Renovations (58,170 SF)
  • Updated Lighting
  • Updated Finishes
  • Added Security at all Exterior Doors
  • Renovated Main Administration Office and Main Entry Vestibule to Improve Function and Security
  • Renovated Toilet Rooms for Handicap Accessibility, New Fixtures, and Improved Finishes
  • Renovated Gymnasium with New Finishes and New Wood Floor
  • Classroom Renovations with Updated Technology and Finishes
  • Updated Plumbing/HVAC
High School Addition (4,485 SF)

A one story addition consisting of a new science classroom, new STEM classroom, and restrooms


Elementary Addition (6,085 SF)

A one story addition consisting of two general classrooms and one Kindergarten classroom as well as restrooms

Construction of the additions will take place around the existing building while the 2018-2019 school year is in session. When students return from summer vacation in the fall of 2019, they will feel like they’re stepping into a brand new school.

Trenton Public Schools was bursting at the seams and in need of additional classrooms. Furthermore, part of the school was built in 1960 and another portion in 1980 resulting in a ’70’s era feel throughout. Updated interior finishes and technology upgrades give the school a modern look and feel.

Security upgrades include card reader access at every entrance and a camera at the main entrance for visitor monitoring.

EAPC worked closely with the Owner and the Construction Manager at Risk, FCI Constructors, to guarantee budget efficiency while making sure the district got everything they needed in their updated building.