The existing office space had reached its capacity and new office space was needed to allow Summers Manufacturing to hire more staff to serve their expanding international business. EAPC was commissioned to master plan a new addition for offices and program reuse of all existing non-plant spaces.

Summers Manufacturing facility has a total of 146,000 SF with a detached storage structure of 9,400 SF. The master plan proposed a 2-story 13,500 SF building expansion and renovating 14,800 SF.

The new office addition includes accounting, sales, purchasing, human resources, president, and manager offices. A lobby/reception area, board room and employee lunch room is also included.

EAPC completed a code analysis of the entire facility since the facility had expanded six times over the years. After the code analysis was completed, it was very clear the entire facility needed a fire suppression system.

CDInc., EAPC’s Construction Management division, was the Construction Manager at Risk for this project contracting directly with 17 separate contractors. CDInc. provided full time, on site supervision, contract administration inspection, scheduling, and overall responsibility.