This multi-phase addition, renovation and face lift project spans a period of four years and brings a fresh, clean and modern look to the resort.

The project is enhanced with the addition of an outdoor patio area that connects the resort with the RV Parks. This connection brings a cohesiveness by linking multiple amenities. This project solved the Owner’s need in two-folds; an ongoing building envelope issue and a marketing effort to give the resort a new image. EAPC was initially commissioned to provide forensic investigation of the resort’s failing exterior building envelope and was eventually hired to provide design services.

This project was featured in the
March/April 2014 issue of
Design Cost Data Magazine



The hotel interiors were upgraded and 66 guest rooms, corridor and support spaces were incorporated. Later, the remaining 38 hotel rooms were renovated and the four story pool atrium walls were reconstructed.

Another 20 guest rooms along with corridor and support space were added. These guest rooms are north facing and had a lot of air leak issues in the building envelope. The completed work provided weather tight, high R-value exterior walls enhanced with a low maintenance, rain-screen building cladding system.