The Visitor Center remodel included interior, exterior, deck, and site; new doors and windows; new finishes and furnishings; fur inside of exterior walls; and the construction of Medicine Wheel Park.

The medicine wheel is a spiritual symbol and ceremonious location to many Native American cultures. It can have varied meanings associated with each culture. The color layout in the wheel for this project follows what is seen on the Standing Rock Scenic Byway signage. The intent was to feel encompassed while walking through the new Medicine Wheel park and allow opportunities to reflect while experiencing the park. By creating the pergola structure over the wheel of colors on the ground, you become more aware of everything above, beside, and below you. At the center of the Medicine Wheel the pergola is open to the sky, creating a sense of openness and vulnerability. Benches are placed around the wheel to step outside of the park and take a moment to observe the surroundings. Spirituality is unique to each person, and visitors are able to experience the Medicine Wheel park in their own meaningful way.