To provide additional service and access for patients, Sanford Health System renovated a previous same-day surgery center into its new Center for Digestive Health

The 1984 building was updated to meet the current needs for a modern healthcare facility. EAPC provided guidance to achieve compliance with the International Building Code, NFPA Life Safety Code, and the Facilities Guidelines Institute regulations.

With the intent of the endoscopy clinic to provide standard same-day procedures, a major portion of the renovation was to create 12 individual patient stations. EAPC worked with the Sanford team to determine the location of every item in the patient station – from the glovebox to the light switch – to maximize efficiency and convenience for staff as well as comfort and privacy for patients. The space also allowed for the installation of transom windows so natural light can enter the patient station space.

The centrally located nurse stations have both visual and physical access to the all patient stations. EAPC reviewed the user group traffic patterns and worked with the Sanford Health team to understand sequencing for patients and staff and create patient, staff, and ‘shared’ zones for each within the building.

The old surgery center procedure rooms were retrofitted to meet the needs of the endoscopy procedures, including a retrofit of the existing medical gas system. The renovation also included the addition of a new scope processing and clean scope storage room, providing linear sequencing for the cleaning and decontamination of scopes. Two endoscope reprocessor systems were added to the building, along with all plumbing, HVAC, and electrical systems to keep the processing rooms running smoothly.

The Endoscopy Clinic began serving patients in December 2018. The second phase of the renovation included the Gastroenterology Clinic, complete with ten exam rooms and new staff space.

Patients and guests are welcomed by a renovated lobby and waiting space complete with new wall and floor finishes. The lobby provides a new entry space to both the endoscopy and gastroenterology clinics. The renovation also allowed building updates to provide accessible solutions for patients, guests, and staff.

Staff space was improved by providing a light-filled shared work area, as well as private dictation work rooms. The goal was to provide access for staff, while separating the public space from the staff space.

The Gastroenterology Clinic welcomed patients in November 2019.