Mountrail County Health Center (MCHC) in Stanley, Mountrail County, North Dakota, is an integrated healthcare system campus including a hospital (Mountrail County Medical Center), clinic, nursing home (Bethel Home), independent living apartments (Centennial Court), and an aquatic center.

With a growing population in Stanley and surrounding areas, the administration recognized the needs for expansion to provide additional healthcare services and options of living accommodations.

In 2016, MCHC contacted EAPC to create a campus masterplan to include a new Nursing Home, Assisted Living, Independent Living, Chapel, and additional employee parking.


After initial planning, MCHC evaluated the immediate needs of the community and based on highest demands for more assisted living accommodations, they moved ahead with a new facility called Rosen Place on 8th.  Assisted living facilities are usually located in larger towns causing seniors to move away from their rural communities to have access to this kind of care. To offer a full continuum of healthcare services and become a Continuing Care Retirement Community, MCHC recognized the importance of Rosen Place on 8th.

Assisted living facilities are a popular choice among seniors because they provide a level of independence with around-the-clock access to personal care services. For the Stanley community, keeping the senior population local is a major benefit to the elderly and their loved ones who can visit frequently without the worry and stress of traveling.

The 15,433 SF Assisted Living complex houses 14 apartments, five of which are two-bedroom units and nine one-bedroom units. Each unit has a living area with a sloped ceiling and a bay window, and a kitchen with dining area. The units are sized to live comfortably and have warm finishes that create an at-home environment for the residents. The complex also includes a serving room and a dining area for residents that choose to have meals delivered. The great room provides space for activities and hosting local events while the Family Room is for more intimate family gatherings. Rosen Place on 8th is linked to the adjacent Bethel Nursing Home via a corridor to assist with any care services.

The MCHC facility administrators also proceeded with a new chapel during the same construction season to satisfy the request of community members who had helped raise funds for a new and larger chapel at the Mountrail Bethel Home for the last 15 years. The new 3,000 SF Bethel Chapel addition is located to the north of the Bethel Home activities room in the current courtyard and accommodates seating for 50 people. The focal point is the altar surrounded by a beautiful stained-glass window designed by a local artist with assistance from a local group. This addition also holds a new board room that has been set up to serve as the chapel overflow via audio/video equipment, should the need arise.

At this time, the chapel is hidden by the existing nursing home, but once the final phases of the masterplan are built it will become the focal point of the hospital and nursing home entrances.

Alan Dostert President | Architect
Excited to provide a place that keeps loved ones close to home, EAPC Architect and native to the area,¬†Alan Dostert, says, “Working with people you have known your whole life to design this needed facility is something special.”