In the spring of 2017, the Mountrail Bethel Home Board and the Mountrail County Health Foundation developed a survey for residents of Mountrail County to identify services the Mountrail County Health Center needed to incorporate in their current offering. 85% of the respondents stated the need to add Assisted Living to the facility.

At 15,000 SF, the building houses 14 units, five are two-bedroom units and nine are one-bedroom units. Each unit has a living area with a sloped ceiling and a bay window as well as a kitchen and dining area. The facility also includes a serving and dining area for residents that choose to have meals delivered. A great room will be used by residents for activities, relaxing, for hosting local events, or for a more intimate family room and to host family gatherings. The assisted living addition will be linked to the nursing home.


The Assisted Living will be displacing the current employee parking, so an essential part of the project is the relocation of current parking to an empty lot across the street owned by the Mountrail County Health Center. The concrete paved parking lot will hold 78 vehicles and has lighting for safety and outdoor plug-ins for the winter season.

A third important component of the project is the new chapel. Mountrail County Health Center is a faith based organization and has been collecting donations for a new chapel for many years. The new chapel will have room for at least 50 attendees and has an overflow area into the meeting room across the hall. The chapel is decorated with warm wood finishes and stained glass both on the doors and in the centerpiece window behind the altar.


Alan Dostert President | CEO | Architect
Excited to provide a place that keeps loved ones close to home, EAPC Architect and native to the area,¬†Alan Dostert, says, “Working with people you have known your whole life to design this needed facility is something special.”