Dakota Growers Pasta Co.

EAPC has and continues to provide engineering design services to Dakota Growers Pasta (DGP). DGP is undergoing several facility upgrades to increase productivity and performance. One project involves replacing two existing robotic palletizers with four new machines. The additional machines will allow DGP to operate more packing systems in parallel and increase output of the plant. Another project involves replacing an existing manual packaging system with a new automated system. The cases discharged from the automated system are routed to the existing palletizing machines.

EAPC provided demolition plans for existing conveying routes and designed the new conveying routes from the existing equipment to the palletizer’s infeed conveyor. Where possible, cost savings were achieved by reusing existing conveyor sections. Careful planning was required to minimize any downtime for major production lines. For the new conveying routes, major production lines were routed to multiple palletizers to allow for flexible operations. EAPC also provided design modifications for an existing platform which interfered with the new equipment.