Hess Corporation

EAPC provided process engineering and detailed engineering to design a new flare system on a natural gas compressor station. Services provided included process, mechanical, structural, and electrical engineering and design aspects. The new flare header was increased in size and was located above ground. PSV and control valves were analyzed for adequacy and replaced/resized where needed. A new knock out drum (pressure vessel) was added to the system with pumps to separate liquids from the flare gas.

Concrete foundations were installed to support the new pipe rack steel and flare header. ASME Section VIII calculations were performed to design the new knock out drum. Pipe stress analysis was performed for the new piping per ASME B31.3. PSV relieving capacity was calculated in accordance with API and NFPA codes. Piping and structural were modeled in 3D and piping isometrics were generated complete with bills of materials.

EAPC performed basis of design, flare study, created equipment datasheets, prepared and distributed bid packages, and received and evaluated bids from contractors.