North Dakota Eye Clinic’s leading technologies, utilized by expert professionals, allow them to provide eye care services, including regular surgery and laser surgery, medical treatment, and an optical shop.

The North Dakota Eye Clinic needed a new facility as they has outgrown their old building. They consulted with Marasco & Associates for the Schematic Design of the building and worked with Community Contractors and EAPC for a CMaR arrangement to complete the design and construct the new building.

EAPC designed all automatic lighting control systems, assuring adequate power for all specialty equipment. EAPC assisted in the selection of energy-efficient LED lighting and provided the design of the building-wide fire alarm system. Through EAPC’s mechanical design services, the new eye clinic includes state-of-the-art heat pump systems that provide the highest energy efficiency available in the industry.

EAPC’s design and engineering services included architecture, structural, mechanical and electrical engineering and construction management.



EAPC also used virtual reality (VR) as a communication tool to help North Dakota Eye Clinic better understand how their project would look and feel. For most people, looking at a construction floor plan is similar to trying to decipher a foreign language. By using three-dimensional software, the team was able to walk them through their future space on screen or with a full immersion headset and hand controls. This allowed North Dakota Eye Clinic to experience the finishes and layout of their space along with often overlooked required infrastructure such as sprinkler piping, lighting, and ductwork. North Dakota Eye Clinic needed the ductwork to be hidden in the open atrium space. By understanding this preference early on, we were able to make modifications to the drawings instead of costly and time consuming changes during construction. We not only saved weeks of re-work labor and thousands of dollars in change orders, we were also able to deliver a space exactly as the client wanted and expected.

Click the images below for a 360° view of the atrium with ductwork and without
Click to view the space with ductwork

Click to view the space without ductwork